pottery flora
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pottery flora
when clay & flowers come together


Going to share a little of where I am right now. Writing how I truly feel has always been easier than speaking it. When Im able to think and process thoughts in this way it feels really natural to me and it feels like a small form of connection with whoever happens to come this way.

Im in a changing place. An exciting time where I am seeing more clearly and also confused to the point of tears at times. I am recognizing brokenness in me and seeking to heal those areas. Confused about where I should be and what I should be doing to make the difference I dream of, but also seeing so clearly the life I am providing and creating for my family. one of simplicity, wonder! I wish I could sit down with everyone of you who is reading this and be completely open with each other and see all of our vulnerabilities. To have a conversation that isn’t held back by any insecurities and know that you’re loved for who ever you are.

My eyes are opening to a whole new way of love. Love that is so obvious but I was so closed off to before without even knowing. For the first time in my life I don’t feel bound by something, by myself? I feel this connection to God, a voice, a truth that’s been waiting for me. I see so much love for all of who I am and God is meeting me in all the places he knows I will go, the places he knows I will be looking. It’s beautiful & liberating.

That’s just a little and kinda vague description of my mind lately. I am excited to use this shop as a place to share all the things my heart is drawn to and in a way all the things that God is sharing with me and saying to me through them, ‘ I know you, I love you, this is for you. '

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